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Kristine Headrick

 Original founder of New Hope CCH and VP/Treasurer.

"I didn't wake up one day and say I want to start a nonprofit to help children in Nepal and India.  But rather, I came to a certain juncture in my life where my career path of teacher, graphic designer and insurance representative had reached its pinnacle and I was heading off to another dream of pursuing my yoga.  That dream led me to a teacher training in India.  I have always had a heart for missions and helping other people so I tacked on a volunteer project, after my yoga certification. That is where the New hope story started, in March of 2013. That is where my passion to help poor,  underprivileged children who didn't deserve their designated lot in life came to be.  I couldn't save them but I could show love, give every ounce of energy, brain power, skill set I had to somehow help.  With God's grace, and direction, I believe I can make a difference. I love our name because there is HOPE.  The children need HOPE.  The world needs HOPE.


HOPE is real and powerful.  My prayer is that not only will I provide help but that I can empower others to help with our mission of "HOPE."




Pat Simmons

Original Founder of New Hope CCH President

"After traveling to India upon retirement, I returned home with a great desire to go back as a volunteer.  Less than two years later, I was back in India and assigned as a volunteer at New Hope Charitable Children's Society.  After staying with the girls at New Hope, I knew I was hooked and really didn't want to leave.  I felt like I had found my calling.  After I returned home, I was put in touch with Kristine Headrick who had a similar experience at New Hope.  Together we created New Hope CCH with a goal of providing support and education to abused and at risk young girls.  My involvement with these girls has truly been a labor of love and has taught me more than I could ever teach them.  But sometimes politics get in the way of providing for those less fortunate than us, so most of the young girls have now been relocated to another NGO.  We still are fully invested in providing an education for those young ladies from New Hope who are now in college or just starting college.  We also have taken on a project in the slums of Pokhara, Nepal, which is further explained on our web page. So our nonprofit is going strong and continues to provide support to needy kids and projects which help the children in many ways.  We pride ourselves on the fact that more than 99.5% of our donations go directly to our projects.  I feel truly fortunate that I have had the opportunity to give back in some small way.  If the support we provide makes even one child's life better, we have succeeded.  We want to share our passion with others and could not be doing this without the support of our many donors and sponsors.  Please continue our journey with us to provide HOPE for the needy children."


Terrie Purdy

New Hope CCH/Secretary

My life changed quickly!  I heard the word “India” and it was like an abyss pulling me in.  So I decided to attend a church forum where Kristine was talking about New Hope Children’s home in India.   The next thing I knew I was planning a trip to India with Kristine to visit the New Hope girls.  When I told my friends I was going to India they said have fun in Indiana.  No, I said, I am going to India.  They wanted to know why I was going there when there is so much to do here.  Yes, there is much to do here and there is a great need as well.  But my heart was speaking to me to help rape victim girls, and to help a country where water, food and shelter are at a premium.  The trip came at the perfect time as although I have had a blessed and amazing life, I recently was going through a rough patch in my life.  And this trip did not disappoint me.  It was everything and more than I could ask for.  It was just what I needed.  It was hope, an opportunity to help and the ability to make a difference in children’s lives.  I saw the pain and pleasure, the love and the tears, the innocence and the fear in these abandoned children.  My life experiences as a mother, wife, grandmother and caretaker to my mentally retarded brother, with just an IQ of a three month old baby has always led me to those less fortunate than me.  I have been involved with New Hope CCH in California for two years now and I have seen the differences our nonprofit can make.  Changes have occurred which brings me to a place of seeing how only a few people can make a big difference.  We will continue our work.  If we can provide the basic needs and a bit of love and compassion, nothing else needs to be said! 


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